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Engineering & Installations


With over 40 years in the telecommunications industry, Falcon understands the needs of the independent market and has the in-house capability to assist in maintaining your network growth.

Our staff of qualified engineers have extensive experience with floor plan design, cable rack layout, and expansion projects with independents nationwide, and with our certified installers and company reputation, you are assured Falcon will be there long after the sale.


Falcon Communications provides a variety of equipment installation services which meet or exceed the original equipment manufacturer's certification standards, and have been delivering turn-key installation solutions for Central Offices - nationwide since 1967.

Installation of:

Switching Equipment

  • Additions to Seimans Central Office equipment, such as DCO, RLS-1000,RLS-4000, and RLG's.

Transmission Equipment

  • Alcaltel, NEC, Tellabs, Telect, Marconi, Discs, Lucent, UMC 1000, and Bits Timing Clock.

Fiber Optic Equipment

  • OC-3 thru 192's, Fujitsu, Alcaltel, Lucent, Cisco, Telco systems, Install, Turn-up, and Test.
  • ADSL/ATM/DSL Equipment (Video/Router)
  • Fujitsu, Lucent, Alcatel, ATM Cisco, Routers, DSL Systems, Marconi, and Paradyne.

Power Equipment

  • All types of power equipment, such as Argus, Lorain, rectifiers, and battery strings, and complete grounding of Central Office.

Next Generation Equipment

  • IPTV
  • VoIP
  • Wireless WiFi
  • DSL
  • Softswitch
  • Alarm Systems

In-House Test Facility

No second-guessing the quality of the product. We test all levels of equipment before it gets in your hands.

Our labs include:

  • DCO
  • Fiber Optics
  • Argus and other Power Equipment
  • T-1 Products
  • Entone Hydra Set Top Box
  • Entone VOD Server - VOD (Video On Demand)
  • Optibase Head-End
  • Thomson IP900
  • Thomson Modems
  • RoamAD WiFi
  • Net.Com Shout 900
  • Xoasis IP PBX
  • GoDigital
  • Customer Prem
  • Data and Vendor Equipment


Falcon provides a complete portfolio of network services, including: engineering and product management, network design, operation, and system integration, as well as turn-key installation of Central Office, power, protection, and transmission systems, including fiber optic, and maintenance of any manufacturer's telecommunications equipment. Additionally, Falcon also provides training and technical support.

Falcon's unique qualifications in Broadband Networks, DSLAM/DSL, and Router/Video products will help you get to market quickly and establish new revenue streams for an immediate return on investment.

Employment Opportunity in Installation


Falcon has a complete conversion team capable of handling all of your conversion requirements, both inside and outside. You can be assured of a smooth transition from either an online cut-over or flash cut. All verifications and jumper running, for both main frame and systems can be handled by Falcon. Conversions can be bid by verification and/or conversion only or complete with switch and equipment.

Falcon can perform outside jobs such as cut-overs on outside plant cables, remotes, verifying outside cable counts and routes, installation of all types of key systems and PBX's, iron work, and splicing cables.

Emergency trailers equipped with Class 5 Central Office and transmission equipment, which have been used for various emergencies such as, floods and cut-overs which saves the expense of having to replace the central building or moving outside plant cables.

Central Office ironwork such as relay racks, main distribution frames, cable racks, etc.

Tech Support

24-hour assistance is available for normal and emergency restoration of DCO, and related vendor equipment. Our in-house stock of most equipment items help assure you of availability if an outage should occur. Should you require emergency service, dial 1-573-276-5169. Go into the emergency mailbox and leave a message. You will be contacted as soon as possible. Or, you can contact your sales representative by calling their cell phone.


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